Line of Business Applications

Geeks and Gurus creates software that is specfically developed for the purpose of running a single company or division.

Line of Business applications are those that are vital to running a company. Each of our customers has a unique business and a unique need not met by readily available "off the shelf" software. We've written applications that model our clients' unique approaches to best serving their customers. We work with our customers to find the best solutions to solving their unique problems.


Geeks and Gurus and its developers have a great deal of experience with Microsoft Visual Studio tools and languages as well as other supporting technologies.

Our Work

  • Utility BillingCaptures meter readings for tenants of commercial buildings and generates invoices for each tenant.
  • Mortgage SurveysTracks survey jobs and survey data, facilitates scheduling, generates invoices, provides productivity metrics and sales data.
  • RestaurantsCreates management reports at each store, aggregates data across time/location. Creates corporate payroll and inventory data and reports
  • MedicalCollects multiple aspects of case manangement data feeding billing and reporting systems, with focus on goals and outcomes.
  • Non-profit